CYCLE FIT for ALL Abilities

Intensity: Low to Moderate

This is an adventurous cycling journey through virtual terrain from flats to hills to mountains using both the RPM and resistance to test your stamina and fitness levels to the max but allowing you to workout at your own pace as well so a “fun for all” class.

A 45 minute Cycle Fit Class using our IC7 Tomahawk bikes consoles for RPM (Resolutions Per Minute) level as in resistance and FTW (Functional Threshold Watt).

Combining all of these things we can work with speed or level to work in particular zones:

  • White Zone: under 55 rpm
  • Blue Zone: 55 – 75 rpm
  • Green Zone: 75 – 90 rpm
  • Yellow Zone: 90-105 rpm
  • Red Zone: 105 + rpm

This gives us colours and zones to challenge ourselves using both higher speeds and higher resistance, but ultimately fun is the most important factor. A Great Class for all abilities.

When is the class?

  • 9:00 am to 9:45 am

What will I need to bring?

Water Bottle