Easy Rider Cycle

Intensity: Low

A half hour class suitable for beginners and those that maybe recovering from injuries or new to spinning.  Riding through various virtual terrains set to uplifting music!

Reap the benefits of cycling miles without having to leave the gym, working up a sweat in this low impact way to burn calories and tone muscle.

Yes – each and everyone of our spin classes can be hard work, however they are also great fun, motivating and utterly mood boosting as you can ride to your own ability without feeling under any pressure to keep up whilst being motivated by an Instructor or just enjoying the virtual screens, mountains and countryside from around the world.

When is the class?

What are the benefits?

Great for shredding calories, improving cardio ability, increasing your stamina and also toning your legs, glutes and core.

What will I need to bring?

  • Water
  • Towel