COVID-19 Update – 24.09.20


COVID-19 Club Update – 24.09.20

As you will know from the Prime Minister’s announcement on Tuesday, Government restrictions have been tightened to further combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

We, along with all other businesses must NOW interpret the measures that are necessary to comply with the law, but, more importantly, to ensure the safety of our staff, instructors and Club members.

To that end we continue to make use of the services of a specialist Risk Assessor, who has worked with us throughout.

The Club, by its nature, falls somewhere between a “gym” and a “hospitality venue” and we have tried to adopt, in a sensible way, the correct approach to reflect the variances. Accordingly, we intend to require everyone visiting Harbour Way to adopt the practices, set out, below;

  • Members, either using the various Club facilities or attending classes (be it, tennis courts, pools, gyms or exercise classes) will not be required to wear masks.
  • Members passing through or remaining within the bar/reception areas (including making use of the toilets or the children’s room) will not be required to wear a face mask at present, but this will be kept under strict review.
  • Members congregating together or sitting at a table outside are not required to wear a mask but are requested to gather in small groups of less than 6.
  • All orders for beverages must be made from a table, with beverages served directly to the table by a staff member.
  • Staff within the bar/reception must use a face mask when attending on a table to serve a member a beverage.
  • Staff behind the bar or working outside will not be required to wear a face mask.
  • Staff moving about within the building will not be required to wear a face mask at present, but this will be kept under strict review.
  • Our policies on guests, social distancing, track and trace, class sizes and use of the changing rooms remain as they have been throughout.

We ask all our members to be respectful to others and to comply with these reasonable requests.

Although inconveniencing us all, with your help, we shall ensure the safety of our members and keep the Club open.